Z-TAC Teaser - Radio Broadcast
Z-TAC Preview - Blinds & Corners

Z-TAC Preview - Zombies vs Archers

Cost: $20/archer
Spring schedule coming soon!

What is the Zombie Tactical Archery Corps (Z-TAC)?
Zombie Tactical Archery Corps (Z-TAC) combines archery with exercise, tactical drills, and exciting head-to-head combat with Zombies vs Archers!

What Z-TAC is not:
Z-TAC is NOT a paramilitary organization, nor do we strive to be. We sometimes dress the part, and sometimes we act the part, but it is all in the name of fun and camaraderie. Z-TAC organizers do not claim to have any military or law enforcement experience, just the love of the zombie genre and an urge to bring a deeper level of fun and excitement into the world of archery.

Archers learn:

  • Shooting while on the move
  • Shooting from unusual stances
  • Shooting around and over objects
  • Trick shooting
  • Group formation and movement drills
  • Protect and rescue drills
  • And more!

Z-TAC - Zombies vs Archers Wargames
Z-TAC - Zombies vs Archers (ZvsA) Wargames are open to the public! These events pit living zombies against archers in a fast-paced, intense, head-to-head battle for survival. Everyone will be both an archer and a zombie! ZvsA Wargames use safe, padded arrows that have less of an impact than paintball does. ZvsA events are two hours long and provide opportunities for numerous battles; everyone gets a chance to be an archer AND a zombie multiple times!

Each 2-hour session includes:

  • Basic Shooting skills (15-30 min)
    • Basic Shooting Form for new archers
    • Get used to the special Z-TAC arrows
  • 1-2 tactical drills 30-45 min
    • Blinds & Corners, Leapfrog Cover Fire, Drag & Rescue, ¬†etc.
  • Zombies vs Archers Wargames
    • Head to head scenarios

Equipment provided: safety masks, bows, foam combat arrows
Optional equipment (to bring if desired): shooting glove or fingertab, armguard, paintball/airsoft-style body armor.