Why become a USAA Certified Instructor?

Is it time to get certified as a USAA Archery instructor? Let's find out! Archery instruction comes in many forms and is a great asset to the archery community. Additionally, there are many reasons to become a certified archery instructor; some people get certified even with no intention of teaching!

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Reason 1: Instructors make better students and athletes

Many martial arts disciplines have a saying; "to become a master one must pass on one's knowledge." In anything we do, especially physical disciplines like archery, we gain tremendous amounts of knowledge in the beginnig. As time moves on, with consistent practice and conditioning, we turn that knowledge into skills that improve in leaps and spurts. However, everyone reaches a point where they plateau. This happens often throughout a skill-based career and the solution is often to take refresher lessons.

In the martial arts world, of which archery is technically a part, we become better students and athletes by being instructors. Passing on our knowledge to others helps us see technique through new lenses, forcing us to adapt how we see a technique and its execution by applying it to a new canvas; our students. Each student is different, causing us to analyze skills differently and apply them differently each time. This attention to the details of another's execution and improvement has a positive effect on instructors by making us look at ourselves and our execution of technique differently and thus contributes to our own improvement in performance.

Reason 2: Help your local Archery Club

Local archery clubs are often in need of certified instructors to help run their programs. Many archery clubs are volunteers based, especially those who run and maintain free public archery ranges like Woodley Park Archers, in Van Nuys, CA. These are usually unpaid volunteer positions to help with community instruction programs. This is an excellent way to give back to the archery community and feel a sense of purpose, pride, and connection with your local club and range.

Reason 3: Camp archery programs and Scouts merit badges

Many summer camps around the world offer archery as one of the activities for campers. Sadly, some of these camps have to occasionally cut out archery when they have no counselors who are certified instructors. These camps often employ teenagers to be camp activity counselors; in the United States an individual needs to be at least 15 to work as a camp counselor. This is good news for archers looking to be camp archery instructors as USAA Level One Instructor Certification is available for those ages 15 and older. Being an archery instructor who teaches at a camp looks GREAT on an academic application for college, by the way!

Boy Scout and Girl Scout troops offer an archery merit badge. In the past, the archery merit badge was a very important badge to acquire for all Scouts. These days it is an optional badge, but there has been a rise in Scouts desiring an archery badge and troops who facilitate their acquisition. USAA Level One or Level Two Certification qualifies an individual to assist a troop in conducting their archery merit badge program!

Reason 4: Share passion!

USAA L1 and L2 badgesNo matter what reason one has for considering USAA Certification, the underlying fact is that an instructor gets to share his or her passion for archery at a level non-instructors cannot. Many archers give advice to new archers and, while much of it is good advice, qualified and certified USAA Instructors offer a valued insight into archery for any aspiring or practicing archer.

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