We are looking for content writers!

You read the title correct, we are looking for content writers! We would prefer regular contributors, but we are happy with one-off articles as well! Authors get to keep their name on their articles. We are open to pretty much any archery related subject, but here are categories as examples:

  • Tournament Notification and Reviews
  • Product Reviews
  • Archer Interviews/Spotlight
  • Hunting tips
  • Form tidbits (USAA/NFAA Level 2+ instructors only)
  • Historical Archery (references please!)
  • Anything you find interesting in archery!

If you are interested, read the Submission Guidelines below and use the contact page to let us know! We will respond with information on where to send your articles to!

Submission Guidelines and information

  • Word count for articles should be 150+ words.
  • No foul language.
  • No slander/flaming of individuals or companies; keep it positive. Evidence-based reviews of product flaws are ok.
  • Citations: If you know how to do APA-style in-text citations, use the, At the very least, provide a references section or bibliography. AP format preferred. Use this APA format Citation Generator to help you create a proper reference page! http://www.citationmachine.net/apa/cite-a-website
  • Authors get to keep their name on their articles.
  • There is currently no compensation for article submission or use. This may change in the future.
  • All articles are subject to editing without review by the author.
  • We may decide to break long articles may be broken into two or more posts
  • Submission does not guarantee publishing, immediate or delayed.