Z-TAC – Basic Training was a hit, especially Zombies vs Archers!

Z-TAC - Zombies vs ArchersThe first Z-TAC - Basic Training was a hit, especially Zombies vs Archers! The recruits loved the exciting, fact-paced head-to-head combat that Zombies vs Archers brought to the field Check out this video preview to see a first-person POV from my helmet cam.

Zombies vs Archers game-play is open to the public for a small fee; stay tuned for announcements for the next Zombies vs Archers coming mid September, and to the dates for registration for the next Z-TAC - Basic training coming in October!!!

Z-TAC SURPRIZE!!! A special offer from Z-TAC to the public!

2013-08-24 12.42.13-V1Ok everyone, I have a SURPRISE! We have decided to open part of Day 4 of the Z-TAC training to the PUBLIC!!!

Here is the deal: $10 gets you into the Zombies vs Archers part! That is 60-90 minutes of combat archery! You will have the opportunity to be both a zombie and an archer. Zombies try to turn archers into zombies, and archers run and shoot for their lives! Will you survive Zombies vs Archers?

Zombies vs Archers starts at 1:30pm. We provide the bows, the face masks, and safe foam padded combat arrows. Optional body armor is not provided. Without body-armor, Z-TAC impacts hurt WAY LESS than paintball. 🙂 Of course, if you have your own body-armor, feel free to bring it, or you can purchase some at Critical Paintball in Northridge; be sure to mention Z-TAC!!!

The cost is $10 for Zombies vs Archers, arrive a little before 1:20pm. If you would like to volunteer to be a zombie target for the LIVE drills (be shot at with foam arrowheads) you will get a 50% discount for Zombies vs Archers!!! You have to arrive at 11:50am for this discount.

Please, if you are on Facebook, go to www.facebook.com/zombietacticalarcherycorps and LIKE the page, then post to the page you are coming! The exact location will be somewhere in Woodley Park, Van Nuys, CA, but we will not know the exact spot until 11:45am So if you want to come, please contact me privately and say "I want to go to ZvsA!" and give me your cell phone number. I will send out a text with the exact location as soon as we have it.

Day: Saturday 8/31/13
Time: 11:50am (to be a target) or 1:20pm (just for ZvsA)
WHERE: Woodley Park, Van Nuys, CA
TO DO: contact me privately and say "I want to go to ZvsA!" and give me your cell phone number.

Want to pay with Paypal? Here you go! Print your receipt and bring it with you!

Reg Type
Cell# (to text exact location)

See you all this SUNDAY!!!

Z-TAC Preview: Blinds and Corners

Screenshot-Z-TAC Day 2 Blinds and Corners RAW 1.mp4-4Thanks to Z-TAC recruit Janina Overly, we have our first preview video of the Zombie Tactical Archery Corps! The Blinds and Corners drill is one of the many drills and skills practiced during Z-TAC - Basic Training. Z-TAC (Zombie Tactical Archery Corps) combines archery with exercise, tactical drills and skills, trick shooting, and head-to-head Zombies vs Archers combat!

Without further ado, here is the Z-TAC Preview: Blinds and Corners!

Rolling Targets is growing, and FUN!

My brother, Clayton, on his first day of Rolling Targets!

My brother, Clayton, on his first day of Rolling Targets!

I'd like to welcome all the newcomers to the Rolling Targets competition! Recently, Rolling Targets has grown in the number of attendees. Our numbers have fluctuated over the last year, but the cor group has slowly increased in size. This last weekend we had an impressive five newcomers, and I am sure that most of them will continue to come on a regular basis!

Rolling Targets helps individuals learn how to quickly acquire a target, how to lead a moving target, and how to shoot quickly with accuracy. These skills are useful in hunting scenarios, but the speed target acquisition skill is useful in all forms of archery, including target archery.

If you would like a new challenge, come do some Rolling Targets with us! We practice every Sunday at 3pm at the Woodley Park Archery Range in Van Nuys, CA. We start prompt, so get there a little early!

Day two of Z-TAC was AWESOME! Day three coming up!

Screenshot-Z-TAC Day 2 Blinds and Corners RAW 1.mp4-4This last weekend we hosted Day Two of the Z-TAC - Basic Training program. Skills from the previous day were reviewed and new skills and drills were introduced. The recruits has some serious fun!

Combining exercise, tactical drills, archery, and zombie targets, Zombie Tactical Archery Corps (Z-TAC) adds more fun and excitement to archery. Keep an eye out for our next Z-TAC - Basic Training session in October! Enlistment opportunities will open up soon. In the meantime, be sure to "Like" us on Facebook, keep conversations alive, and stay tuned for more information!

So just what is Z-TAC, anyway???

What is Z-TAC? Zombie Tactical Archery Corps (Z-TAC) combines archery with exercise, tactical drills, and exciting head-to-head combat with Zombies vs Archers!

I love archery. Unfortunately, it is a relatively stationary sport unless you do ground stalking-based hunting. To add back some physical fitness into archery, I have combined trick shooting, tactical drills, physical exercise, and heart-pumping head-to-head "Zombies vs Archers" combat rounds! For a more detailed description of what Z-TAC - Basic Training offers, visit http://robertsonarchery.com/z-tac/ today!

We are already in our first session, but fear not! You can register to become a Z-TAC recruit for our October session! Registration will open soon, so stay tuned!

Z-TAC Basic Training – Pilot Program begins 8/10/13!

Z-TAC BackPreparing for the Zombie Apocalypse has never been more fun! The Pilot Program for Z-TAC - Basic Training starts this Saturday, August 10th! We have 6 our of 10 openings filled for this pilot program, so if you want to sign up and get in to the inaugural program at an amazing 50% CONTACT ME TODAY!

This pilot program version will help us fine-tune the classes and allow for your valuable input to build the program. Be a part of something amazing, have fun, and get in shape for the Zombie Apocalypse today! If you want to do it but cannot make the first class, no worries! You can make up one class during the October offering to earn your Z-TAC EID. Contact me today if you want in on this amazingly discounted introduction version of the Z-TAC Basic Training.