Instruction and Games

 General Instruction includes introduction to archery, beginning level archery, and competitive archery skills. Looking for Tactical Archery skills and training? Check out our Z-TAC Program today!


  • Individual (1-2 archers, 1 hr) - $30/archer [Book Now!]
  • Small Group (3-4 archers, 2 hr) - $25/archer [Book Now!]
  • Group (10+ archers, 2 hr) - $20/archer ($20 setup, 10 archer minimum, minimum 30 day notice) [Contact to schedule]

Lessons are by apointment only. Same-day appointments are not available.

Group lessons make GREAT  party activities!
Z-TAC - Zombies vs Archers Wargames is also available for party events!
All equipment is provided.

Individual Lessons
I teach private lessons for individuals and micro-groups (2-4 individuals taking a lesson together). I tailor your instruction to your wants and needs as an archer, to your body's abilities, and to your desired style of archery. I work to combine traditional and instinctive methods with modern biomechanical information in a way that nearly anyone can learn to shoot a bow and arrow safely, including individuals with disabilities.

Lessons are by apointment only. Same-day appointments are not available.

Group Events
Archery is GREAT for group events and parties! I can accommodate four to fifty archers. in this setting, archers will be given equipment and will be given a verbal and hands-on safety orientation that will teach them range and equipment safety and the basics of proper shooting form. Each archer will shoot their first three arrows under the guidance of a coach. After that, archers shoot on their own in groups with all coaches keeping an eye out for safety and being available for questions and guidance when desired.

Want an extra special group event? We offer stand-alone Z-TAC - Zombies vs Archers  Wargames for private events and parties for the same rates! See the Z-TAC - Zombies vs Archers  Wargames page for more information.

There is no "one true way"

I do not believe that a mechanized "one-size-fits-all" type of system is right for every archer. Everyone is unique. The "National Training System" (NTS) of archery instruction is based on the "Biomechanically Efficient Shooting Technique" (BEST) is an Olympic style that has many superb training techniques. However, people are not built the same; thus, it is my opinion that not every component of this system will work well for every individual. Although the general impression is that it will, what is the cost? Frustration and loss of interest for some people. I take these techniques and mix them with traditional styles and teachings. Together, we select and choose what is needed to make YOU a good shooter based on YOUR body and ability, not based on what a particular system dictates.

Learning to shoot a bow should be a fun, relaxing process. I work with your individual needs, shape, and ability to find techniques that will work for you; there is no need to make you work for the technique. My teaching is focused on fun and safety and, as a result, is excellent for people looking to have fun with a lifetime skill. Anyone looking to target shoot effectively or those who want to eventually hunt with a bow will find my instruction useful.

Are you ready?  Contact me today to set up your first lesson! Archery is a sport that can provide a lifetime of fun, excitement, and camaraderie.

Learn about:

  • Proper form
    • Variances in form based on individual needs
  • Anchor points
    • Olympic Three-Point Anchoring
    • Traditional Anchoring
    • Modern Hunting Anchoring
  • Barebow sighting (targeting)
    • Instinctive sighting
    • Arrow point gap system sighing
    • Bow reference gap system sighting
    • String walking techniques
  • And much more!